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2016 Summer Solstice: 5 Exciting Facts About The Strawberry Moon



Strawberry Moon over Boston Harbor and Islands - June 2016

Strawberry Moon over Boston Harbor and Islands – June 2016

Happy First Day of Summer! June 20 marks the first day of the season, astronomically, but in 2016, the summer solstice coincides with the rise of a full Strawberry Moon. This breath-taking event hasn’t occurred since 1967, and likely won’t for decades!Below are some exciting facts about the Strawberry Moon/summer solstice.

1. We won’t see this again until 2062!

Using universal time, another meeting of the summer solstice and Strawberry Moon will not happen again until June 21, 2062. That is…a long time to wait. The phases of the moon recur every 19 years. In 2035, the full moon will hit one day before the solstice. Talk about a close shave. 2062 it is, and the last time this rare event happened was 1967. You’re definitely not going to want to miss out!

2. The moon is completely visible while it’s still light outside.

This is why the meet-up is so important. June 20, the summer solstice, is the longest day of the year. The sun will reach its highest peak at 6:34pm ET, and the full moon will be hanging low the entire time. Around 8:00pm ET, it will rise fully.

3. The Strawberry Moon got its name from Algonquin tribes.

It was dubbed “Strawberry Moon” by the Algonquins because they knew that when this moon rose, it would finally be time to gather ripened fruit. Like strawberries! In Europe, the moon is also called the Rose Moon, Mead Moon, and Honey Moon.

4. There are tons of weird facts and folklore about the full Strawberry Moon

Did you know? On June 21 (the day after a Strawberry Moon), we’ll probably be swept up in a large storm. It may work out for the best, though, because according to folklore, crabbing and shrimping are best during this time, too. Shellfish and strawberries?

5. The Strawberry Moon glows golden, like the sun.

Despite its name, don’t expect to see a pink moon. The Strawberry Moon glows a beautiful, strange amber color, for a couple of reasons. The moon is hanging incredibly low, and its light is being forced through thicker, more humid air. The combo causes the weird color! That’s where the names Honey Moon and Mead Moon came from.


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Eva Longoria, J.Lo, America Ferrera Join Over 200 Artists in a GOTV Call To Action To Latinx Communities



The 2020 elections have stimulated all social platforms to mobilize American participation in the November elections.

The power of the Latinx Vote, in particular, has been a topic of many conversations across many polling sites and major news networks.

For the Global Citizen movement, the goal has been to raise voter awareness of the importance of defeating Donald Trump in the elections and celebrate democracy through participation.

At a special event last Thursday, the movement invited Latinx celebrities to share important issues and their pride in voting.

Under the title, Every Vote Counts: A Celebration of Democracy, actors Jennifer Lopez, Eva Longoria, Wilmer Valderrama, and Salma Hayek joined other Latinx to share a message about the importance of the vote.

The digital event was conceived as a tribute and celebration of voting through cultural manifestations such as music, dance, art, and dialogue. It invited artists, musicians, performers, and community leaders to raise the power of civic action and “celebrate the value of every single citizen’s right to vote.”

Knowing that in this election Latinos in the United States are expected to represent the nation’s largest demographic minority in a presidential election for the first time — some 32 million Latinos are eligible to vote — the event directed its attention to these voters.

Salma Hayek, a Mexican-American, expressed her excitement at being part of these numbers.

“I voted because I believe in democracy,” she said. “I voted because I care for the future of our children. I voted because I am proud, and I support my community.”

Maria Hinojosa, the host of NPR Latino USA, highlighted the impact these 32 million voters can have on the election and told viewers that “democracy is not a noun; it’s a verb.”

For her part, Jennifer Lopez, who is Puerto Rican American, agreed on the importance of participation.

“I especially want the Latino community to understand their power, and to make their voices heard, to get loud,” she said.

With information from Global Citizen.

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Orange Is The New Black Season 6 Release Date – Pero…Will Daya Return!?



When can we expect it?

New episodes will officially be available on Netflix starting July 27, 2018!

Production seemingly wrapped on season six in mid-February, with the show’s stars sharing updates and behind-the-scenes photos on Twitter- We Peeped!


So, who’s coming back to the cast?

We certainly know of 10 inmates that have to be back and they are the ones left in the converted bunker in Litchfield at the end of season five. They are: Frieda (Dale Soules), Suzanne (Uzo Aduba), Cindy (Adrienne C Moore), Taystee (Danielle Brooks), Red (Kate Mulgrew), Piper (Taylor Schilling), Alex (Laura Prepon), Nicky, Gloria (Selenis Leyva) and Blanca (Laura Gomez)…but what about Daya plaued by Domincan-American actress Dascha Polanco?

Well, while season five may not have had a major inmate death like Poussey in season four, there were still the notable deaths of Piscatella (Brad William Henke) in the season finale, while fellow officer Humphrey (Michael Torpey) was also killed off, not from Daya shooting him in the leg, but from Kukudio (Emily Althaus) blowing oxygen bubbles into his IV.

The last we saw of Daya, she had turned herself in for shooting Humphreys, and the actress is certainly not telling if she’s in season six. “Daya’s on her own; she just committed a crime [and] obviously that will be punished. You might not see her ever again,” she told USA Today in a recent interview.

Aqui Les Va El Teaser Full of Suspense:


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Live Mas & Celebrate #NationalTacoDay en Taco Bell



Wednesday, October 4 is National Taco Day -sadly, this year it doesn’t fall on Taco Tuesday- but there’s still plenty of great reasons to enjoy the holiday by binging on tacos, and luckily Taco Bell is offering a delicious deal that will make it impossible not to celebrate!
Taco Bell will be selling specially packaged gift sets that come with every taco you need to celebrate right. These National Taco Day gift sets come with four beautiful tacos, which you can share with your friends or, if you’re a true taco fan, eat all on your own — seriously, no judgment. Among the four tacos inside the gift-box are all three Doritos Locos Taco flavors, Nacho Cheese, Cool Ranch, and Fiery. Last but certainly not least, is Taco Bell’s classic Crunchy Taco.
Perhaps the best news about the National Taco Day gift-set from Taco Bell is that each gift box set costs just $5- that’s right only cinco dolaritos!- which is a couple of bucks less than what it would normally cost to order these four tacos separately. Asi es que a comer tacos today!! #NationalTacoDay en #TacoBell
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